Manisah Sarujee

Manisah Sarujee


Manisah is the co-founder, hustler and driving force of Brand Geeks Inc. Her strategic marketing and organisational skills have been honed through 14 years of corporate experience in taxation (Arthur Andersen), advisory (PWC), litigation (Ajmer, Sandhu & Ong) and corporate banking (Maybank). This has been further refined as an entrepreneur since joining Brand Geeks Inc in 2012.

She has since, shared her expertise in strategic marketing, organisational development and legal strategy to 200 Turbocharge Bootcamp participants as well as 20 consultancy clients. Renowned for her astute and even searing insight into what can make or break a start-up’s early life, Manisah’s no-holds-barred guidance may be a bitter but ultimately, necessary pill to swallow. As a mentor with The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Business Professional Women’s Organisation, her advice has even gone international.

Hanging-on to her childhood ambition of becoming a policewoman, Manisah continues to enjoy the odd crime series. She also enjoys travelling and has a small collection of fridge magnets. Her true and everlasting love is of course, her children as she continues to balance the unexpected demands of entrepreneurship with the unfathomable demands of her teenaged and pre-school children.

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