Silmyi M. Sadek

Silmyi M. Sadek

Chief Geek

Silmyi is the founder, dreamer and creative force behind Brand Geeks Inc. Determined to establish a firm that pushes boundaries and creates impact, he has brought his legal training, early experience at Shell, post-graduate education in branding and marketing, brand consultancy and design expertise; tech-affinity and start-up experience for a single purpose: to nurture legendary emerging brands.

Having completed over 50 branding projects since 2006, 70% since 2011 with Brand Geeks Inc, for international clients, government agencies, SMEs and start-ups, Silmyi explores the outer limits of branding possibilities with clients and the Geeks alike. Occasionally channelling Steve Jobs, his passion and perfectionism in branding and design is unmatched.

Hooked to reading from an early age as well as a certifiable sci-fi addict, Silmyi is an avid fan of Dr Who and Star Trek (favourite captain: Jean-Luc Picard), but enjoys all manners of sci-fi series, independent movies and graphic novels. The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman is his all-time favourite. Lastly, his love for coffee has influenced many of his life decisions, so far without any lethal consequences.

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